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  • Environmental Oriented Organization

    We're environmental oriented organization and operations follow all laws applicable to environmental protection. We've carefully developing and operating environmentally safe waste disposal facilities, and we continually provide the most up-to-date environmental solutions for non-hazardous waste reduction and disposal. We have the operational expertise, management strengths, financial capabilities and commitment to quality and the environment & that makes us the different from the other companies.

  • JULY 2009

    Joint Venture Incorporated

    M/s. Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt. Ltd. (AWHCPL)


    M/s. Lara Tratamento De Residuous De Ltda (LARA)

    M/s. AWHCPL is in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management since last 12 years and has various Solid Waste Management projects with various Municipalities throughout India. M/s. LARA is a Brazilian Company founded in 1965 which has extensive experience in the management of household & industrial solid waste.

  • MCGM Projects

    The JV Company has been formed to undertake the prestigious project of Scientific Sanitary Landfill for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). The project has been awarded to us for a period of 25 years and once fully operational, it will be the single largest plant in Asia to process minimum 4000 tonnes of waste per day. Processing of waste shall be done using a combination of technologies such as bio reactor landfill, composting and sanitary land filling. All treatment is done using biological treatment and no chemical is used in the processing, also no emissions which affect human health shall be the by product of the treatment. This project would reduce carbon foot print and is eligible for carbon credits under Kyoto Protocol. Ancillary activities related to processing shall include biogas extraction and utilization.

  • Project Infrastructures

    • Materials receiving and segregating facility (MRF)
    • Compost plant
    • Bio- reactor plant
    • Sanitary landfill
    • Other plant and machinery viz. JCB Front End Loader, Cat Landfill Dozers, Weigh Bridge, Landfill Hydraulic Tippers etc.
  • Mission

    To become a valued partner to the government, corporations and like-minded people in making significant contributions towards preserving and protecting the environment by planning and implementing strategies to ensure that the country's need for comprehensive waste management is fully met.

  • Vision

    • Satisfy and delight our client by using hi-tech infrastructure services.
    • Making firm commitments & meeting them.
    • Bio- reactor plant
    • Leading to creation of better environment for people to live in.
    • To accomplish our mission statement through teamwork and commitment.
  • Goverment Clearance


Project Description


The agency responsible for comprehensive operations of collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste is the MCGM. MCGM has proposed the development of an ISWM plant at the Kanjur site described below. They have appointed M/s Antony Lara Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd to carry out the entire process. The proposed plan consists of a composting procedure with a capacity of 1000 TPD and a bioreactor landfill of 3000 TPD to 6500 TPD capacity. As part of the project, MRF technology has been planned to segregate the waste before it enters the composting unit. After this segregation, selected materials would be sent to the composting plant, and RDF, recyclable plastics, metals and rejects will be sorted out. 3000-6500 TPD of mixed municipal solid waste shall be sent to the bioreactor landfill directly and leachate shall be re-circulated into the waste to make the waste degradation quicker.

It is estimated that in 5-6 years the organic fraction of waste would degrade completely. After the end of 5-6 years, the waste from bioreactor landfill shall be mined and sorted out. RDF, recyclable plastics, metals, compost and rejects shall be sorted out. RDF and recyclable plastics shall be sold in local market, rejects shall be sent to sanitary landfill, compost shall be sold in local market and a fraction of compost shall be used as cover material in operational cells. A portion of biogas generated and collected from the bioreactor landfill and sanitary landfill shall be used for power generation; another portion of biogas shall be cleaned up and remaining shall be flared off.


The proposed site for setting up the ISWM facility at Kanjur village is located in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai. The Google image of the project location has been provided in ‘Contact Us’ The site is a part of the abandoned saltpan land bearing Survey no. 275 (pt) and measures 283 ha, of which 141.77 ha has been allotted to MCGM by the State Government for developing MSW processing and landfill facility. However, in line with the recommendation of EAC, the core project area has been reduced to 65.96 hectares.

Prior to the closure of Gorai dumping ground, all the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated in Mumbai was disposed off at three dumping grounds, viz. Deonar, Mulund in Eastern suburbs and Gorai in Western suburbs. It was further observed that entire land area at these sites is used for MSW disposal, constraining severely the availability of land for setting up waste processing plant and undertaking scientific landfill operations. Securing additional land for management of MSW has been a priority consideration for MCGM for many years. As a result, in July 2005, with the intervention of Honourable Supreme Court and Honourable High Court of Mumbai, a salt pan site of 141.77 hectares area at Kanjur in Eastern suburbs has been allotted to MCGM for waste processing and landfill operation

The traditional methods are found to be insufficient to handle huge quantity of municipal waste generated in the city. Therefore, there is a need to develop a scientific and economically beneficial methodology for handling the solid waste. In the same line MoEF in their EC allowed composting and SLF to be carried out as proposed and directed MCGM to explore the possibility of utilizing the MSW for generating energy. MoEF further directed MCGM to take serious effort in this case as the energy recovery system from MSW would be a long-lasting project and it would be economical and environmentally safe. Whereas, the composting option is not a long-lasting option and has several inbuilt risks. Hence in the 65.96 ha area, free from mangroves or CRZ regions, it was proposed to incorporate BLF technology also. This would ensure that a higher quantity of waste can be treated at the limited area for a longer period of time.

Establishing this project would reduce the direct dumping of wastes in the dumping grounds. It will reduce the greenhouse gas emission and shall provide revenue from power generation and recovery of recyclables from waste. The project would also enable production of by products which can be used for power generation/heat recovery or horticulture or farming, thereby promoting sustainable waste management in the city.

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Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility,
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A-59, Road No. 10,
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